Bad Covers Equals No Sales

It’s true. In an exhaustive study by Book Smuggler, one of many companies to do this survey, between 71 and 79 percent of people choose books by their covers. I guess three-quarters of the world don’t listen to their mother’s advice. If you want your book to sell, then you need a cover that grabs the remaining 80 percent. I follow some simple guidelines when I design a cover. These are, by no means, rules chiseled into stone. They are what I have found, through trial and error, to be the best framework for designing book and eBook covers for clients. Remember, there are many types of eBook formats now. Whenever I get a new client, the first thing I want to know is where the eBook is being published. Then, I can use other eBooks in that format to gauge what I need.

The Title Needs to be BIG

It should be a font that is readable when shrunk down to thumbnail size. Unlike in a bookstore, a potential customer sees your cover for the very first time as a tiny thumbnail. So, I keep this in mind when creating the title.

I Avoid Using Silly Fonts Like Comic Sans MS Or Scripted Fonts

They are hard to read when big, and nearly impossible when small.

I Limit The Number Of Font Types To Three

Two is ideal but three is okay. I’ll use different styles of the same font though, just not a different font face or type.

I Don’t Use White As A Background For My Covers

They will disappear on many webpages.

I Try to Avoid Gradients

Many of them dither and look terrible on some readers and websites.

I Do My Best To Avoid Outlandish Color Combinations

Sometimes it works, but 99 percent of the time it doesn’t. I select a color palette using special software, then I work only from that color palette.

The above guidelines are just a few best-practices I’ve learned over the years of making eBook and print book covers for clients. If you want a professional-quality book cover that converts lookers into buyers, then hire me to create it for you. Trust me, it is the most important investment you’ll ever make for your writing career.