So Much Content, So Little …….. Content

When Google started spitting out high rankings for heavily-laden keyword content, everyone and their mother became a “writer” overnight. And guess what? Some people, who thought they’d be terrible writers, turned out to be darn good ones.

However, there are people who write, and then there are writers. SEO content writers are not all keyword hacks. Many are content creators, who have the ability to write content that engages the audience and optimize it for search engines. That is what I strive to accomplish every time I do work for a client.

google-webmaster-guidelinesI utilize Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to craft my writing. This way, the client gets maximum benefit from the finished product. I recommend that my clients also read the guidelines, because it benefits them to ensure their website stays SEO current. I say this because the guidelines are always changing. What works today might become obsolete tomorrow.

I give my clients a guarantee that I will fix any non-compliance issues that may arise within a full calendar year from the date of the project. Not many writers do this. So, if you need a reliable, well-versed in SEO best practices writer for your content, then hire me to do it for you.